Alberto Paz

Photo on 2013-12-04 at 11.12ALBERTO PAZ with VALORIE HART are the authors of the best seller book and DVD GOTTA TANGO, an important  resource that offers a logical and structured approach to the art of tango improvisation. Their methodology teaches tango from within rather than by imitation, empowering dancers with knowledge and understanding to dance on the spur of the moment anywhere, anytime regardless of chosen styles and musical preferences.

They combine their passion for and profound understanding of the tango with their unparalleled skill as teachers and their incredibly generous natures. They have developed a method of understanding and learning the dance at the social level that is natural, thorough, and effective.

They are truly unique technicians with profound knowledge and understanding of a dance form they have researched, studied and implemented successfully in communities across the United States since 1996.

  1. Átomo says:

    Amigo, qué gran blog, en el cual nos regala estas historias y bellas melodías. Me ha fascinado su trabajo, adelante con el tango.

    Un saludo desde Medellín,


  2. Dear Alberto,

    we would like to introduce you to our remake of the 1935 Carlos Gardel classic hit “Por Una Cabeza”. As it is a song in spanish language we think it could be very interesting for you and your listeners!

    If you want to give it a first try you can find a video of our remake here:

    And if you like that you can find the complete promo-pack including all the information needed here:

    The single was released by Groove Gut Records/Cuepoint Records worldwide. DJ Promo started last week.

    We really hope you and your listeners will like it!

    Best regards,

    Da Carrera

  3. Anthony says:


    We’re an international Tango newspaper and linked your article in the headline section of! Great!

    Anthony y Pablo – JUST TANGO ME!

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