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1.  Cancion desesperada
2.  Dejame, no quiere verte mas
3.  Sus ojos se cerraron
4.  La cancion de Buenos Aires
5.  Adios pampa mia
6.  Gardel-Razzano
7.  Rosa de otoño
8.  Desde el alma
9.  Nobleza de arrabal
10.Sentimiento gaucho


Nelly Omar passed away in her sleep on December 20, 2013 at the age of 102. The singer was born in the province of Buenos Aires on September 10, 1911. Her artistic career as a professional singer started  in 1924. Between the years 1932 and 1933, she sang on Radio Stentor.

For some decades the quota of tango recordings was considerably restricted. The share corresponding to the ladies was small in relation to the contribution they made to the history of this popular music. The case of Nelly Omar serves well as a good example. She finally recorded in 1946, having already sung professionally for 14 years.
Then, through the sponsorship of Francisco Canaro on behalf of the Odeon label, she recorded ten songs with his orchestra, January 1946 and October 1947. In this album one cannot choose one song above another, because Nelly Omar knew she was making recording history, and that she might not easily come across similar opportunities ever again.

Nelly Omar forged a close relationship with First Lady Eva Perón in 1940. Years later, Omar said that Evita loved her singing style, and helped her get a spot on Radio Splendid.
In 1955, following the military coup that overthrew Peron, Nelly Omar was blacklisted for her close links to Peronism.

She traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay, where her friend Tita Merello offered her a singing role on a stage production. Omar then flew to Venezuela, where she stayed for nearly a year.
She returned to Argentina during Arturo Frondizi’s term in office, but retired shortly after.

She staged a huge comeback in 1972 with guitarrist José Canet, and never left the stage again.