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1. LA ULTIMA GRELA, Susana Rinaldi
2. MILONGUITA, Carlos Gardel
3. FLOR DE FANGO, Carlos Gardel
4. GRISETA, Roberto Rufino
5. MELENITA DE ORO, Floreal Ruiz with Francisco Rotundo
6. MADAME YVONNE, Susana Rinaldi
7. AQUEL TAPADO DE ARMINO, Angel Cardenas with Anibal Troilo

One of the subjects that has lasted the most in the tango lyrics thematic is the one about the woman who lost the honesty in her heart.
It is described with different names but the path and the end are always the same.
A humble girl dressed in percale, daughter of gringos with a good and poor boyfriend who lives as she does in a working neighborhood.
One day she leaves home. She leaves forever the paternal love, her friendships, her job, to run away with a wealthy man who promised her a home, stability, and respectability.
Just a short time later she realizes that the promises are not fulfilled and she is left with two options. She prostitutes on her own or becomes one by imperative of the man who forces her to do it by means of corporal punishments.
In any case at the end she is left with the cruel shattering of her dreams and the hardship of a ruthless life.